Thinking of Buying a Dog? What you should Know about the Bichonpoo


The Bichonpoo identified as the Poochon or Bichon Frise Poodle mix, is a ‘designer’ dog that is carefully bred to blend the best characteristics of the poodle and bichon frise. It usually Poochon puppies weighs eight to sixteen pounds, about one foot high and has a life expectancy of about twelve to fifteen years. Since they are high breeds they acquire characteristics from each parent.

According to the AKC standard the Bichonpoo is a white powder puff of a dog whose happy nature is verified by his plumed end carried jauntily over the back and his dark eyed inquisitive expression.

It is a pleasant house dog who enjoys playing games, snuggling into pillows and laps, as well as perching into the back of the lounge so as to fellow out of the window.

A small yard to trot around and stretch his legs as well as a daily walk or two is all the exercise he requires.

Early socialization is essential to develop their confidence since they are usually fearful. They are also pleasant to everyone including other pets.

The furry fellow takes action well to non-forceful training and is not a principal dog, even though he does have an impartial streak. Formal compliance is one of the most efficient methods he uses to learn tricks. His eyes usually become bright when food treats are offered as rewards. However he may become aggressive and spiteful when treated severely.

Most Bichonpoo s have these three common behaviour issues.

They are usually very difficult to housebreak.

They don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time since they are societal and dependent on human companionship.

Some of them have a high pitched sound off that can set your teeth on the edge.

If you want a small and sturdy dog that is playful and doesn’t have much outdoor exercise. 14 that will not shed its fluorescent coat as well as gets along with other pets without being aggressive. A Bichonpoo may be the right dog for you.

However if you are not ready for frequent clippings of the fluorescent coat, difficulties in house breaking, potential excessive barking, shyness, and dangerous social anxiety when left alone. Then you may want to avoid this furry fellow.

Some of these negative personality may be avoided by.

Identifying the right puppy as well as the right breeder. Also you may opt to choose to visit an dog shelter or rescue group and get 14 that has already proven which he does not have the negative personality associated with these dogs.

Additional personality and characteristics of these pets.

These are the things you should be most concerned about if you are considering to take these furry pets.

Active and intelligent.

A lot of have a lot of energy because the poodle and the bichon frise are also active dogs. Hence them having a lot of energy to burn does not come as surprise. These dogs are able to adapt very well to their environment, however daily exercise of at least around 30 minutes is essential. Since the poodle is considered joined of top quartile of intelligent dog breeds. The poochon will inherit a higher than average intelligence as both parents. This intelligence comes into play handy when you are housebreaking the furry fellow.

Good-natured and High-Spirited.

The bichon frise poodle will fit into almost any household due to its taking nature. And it also will fit in perfectly in with young children and other pets. Its personality is good natured and high spirited hence it will enjoy a lot of play time with your children. This is good since all of them will benefit from physical and mental stimulation. However it is important to note that cat-sized dogs are prone to bone injuries even when dropped from a distance equalling the height of a young child.


They are worth giving clipping and trimming every six weeks and regular brushing and discovering to keep their coat free from exercise mats. Furthermore do not expect your dog to look like the show dogs you see on the Westiminster Run Club Tv show. Some of those looks require hours of work by expert dog groomers and they also never let those show dogs play in the yard outside. All you need to do instead is to clip your dog’s coat short so as to minimize discovering and brushing. This will be another advantage because your dog may such as an adorable puppy throughout his life.


According to some behaviour consultants these dogs are one of the hardest to housebreak. Crate training should not only be mandatory but also consistent. A doggy door leading out to a covered bathroom yard is since these dogs sometimes will not go out in the rain. One of the reasons why most of these dogs are turned over to rescue organization is house-breaking difficulties.

Finding a healthy one and keeping him healthy.

Unfortunately some of these furry fellows are prone to marring and chewing themselves into horrific skin conditions. However most them do live a long good life. Pollen, chemicals and fleas are some of the thing they are allergic to as well. Another nervous about this breed is, urinary infections, bladder stones, cataracts, ear infections, diabetes and numerous others. To avoid this buy your dog from the right breeders and keep your puppy healthy by feeding an immune boosting diet.

Split up anxiety.

Unlike most of the other breeds they are worth giving a great deal of companionship and do not like it when they are left alone for more than a few hours. Simply because they will result to dangerous chewing and barking to express their misery. However like other dogs they do quickly sound the alarm at every new sound and attention but you should be careful not to turn your dog into a Barker.

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