Fun Workout Games

I’ve often wondered if there was a way I could do some fun workout games at home. Instead of going to a gym and wasting precious time driving, finding parking, etc. I just wanted to get a quick sweat going without the hassle. Not to mention the ridiculous gym costs and hidden fees. I’ve tried a few of the home workout DVD’s and initially loved them. I got great results but eventually got tired of doing the same workouts over and over again. It wasn’t long before I had each workout memorized and could practically recite the whole DVD. So I decided to try a few different workouts I found online.

· I looked at YouTube daily for a new workout

· I found online workouts of the day from various blogs

· I tried some small weights, bands, and other products

· I bought a treadmill

Well here’s what I found about theses so called “fun workout exercises”:

· YouTube videos were a pain in the butt because I’d often get 2 minutes into it before I found out it was some kook with poor video quality and even worse workouts.

· The online workouts of the day really didn’t provide much instruction.

· The bands and weights got really boring

· The treadmill made me feel like a hamster on the road to no-wheres-ville.

So I ended up doing what most people do. Nothing… Yep, I just gave up and figured I’d get around to it at a later date. If I couldn’t do fun workout games at home that didn’t leave me bored out my mind then I would just rebel against working out all together.

Well, that rebellious and somewhat lazy attitude came back to bite me this past summer. My family and I were invited on a trip to Hawaii and I of course would have to wear my bikini. Unfortunately, my bikini wasn’t covering all of the areas that it was supposed to cover anymore. I knew I had been putting on a little weight over the past year, but it didn’t seem to show too much in my normal everyday clothes. So, I just brushed the issue aside. It became suddenly and horrifically apparent that I couldn’t brush my big butt aside any longer.

I began to renew my quest to find some fun workout games that would keep me motivated. That’s when I found the coolest little workout games ever. Amazingly, the game only involves a standard deck of cards and my imagination. The results I got were incredible. So let me explain how the game works.

· Designate an exercise for each suit of card (ex. Hearts are Push-ups, Spades are Crunches, Clubs are Squats, and Diamonds are Chair Dips)

· Pick a wild card and an exercise for that card (ex. Aces are a run down the block and joker123 are a 1 minute rest)

· Shuffle the deck, put on some music, and begin the workout

What’s so fantastic about this game is that it’s never the same workout. I can constantly pick different exercises for different suits. And each time I shuffle the deck I get a completely new workout. My card deck has essentially become fitness cards. Depending on the exercises I pick, I’m usually done in 20-30 minutes. The best part is that I don’t even feel like I’m working out. I feel like a little kid playing a card game. Now if these aren’t the best workout games ever, I don’t know what is. Oh and that bikini, I did have to throw it out… only to get a SMALLER one.

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