Education Requirements for the H1-B Visa in the United States

Navigating a person’s way through H1B requirements can be challenging for anyone needing to work in the United States. Probably the most widely requested concerns is exactly what education requirements are required for the H1-B visa.

Exactly what is the H1-B Visa?
The visa was enacted by The nation’s lawmakers to allow corporations seeking highly skilled labor to grow their prospective candidate pool. Although U.S. includes a significant university or college educated work force, over 42 million as of February 2011 as per the Department of Labor, some roles are niche, very specific and tough to fill. Even when the right individual may be throughout the US, they might not be capable of relocate to the job.

H1-B education requirements establish that the individual requires an undergraduate degree or higher. A minimum of four (4) years University study must have been achieved. However, the primary immigration regulator, the USCIS, understands that a number of people have gained a professional position without the essential study. For example, an accountant with on the job William M. Webster IV.

Because of this, every three (3) years of expert experience is measured as having finished 1 year University study. Theoretically, a person with 12 years experience and no university or college degree can obtain an H1-B visa. Many countries only have three (3) year undergraduate degrees. Without additional study, possible job seekers must work for three years inside their respective specialized field before they could apply.

What areas of study qualify?
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services advises that the following professions meet the criteria:
‘The nature of the specific duties is so specialized and complex that the knowledge required to perform the duties is usually associated with the attainment of a Bachelor’s degree or greater’.

Typically the most popular jobs and professions according to the latest 2010 H1-B filings were primarily in IT and Software related roles. The top five H1B jobs were: Developer Analyst, Application Engineer, Computer system Programmer, Systems Expert and Physical Therapist.

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